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Our Quality Guarantee

Tsunami Soft Wash offers locally owned, professional, affordable & customizable Cleaning, Sanitization, Disinfecting, Pressure Washing and Soft Washing solutions to safely and effectively meet your specific needs. We utilize only the best professional equipment and eco-friendly products on the market to ensure your residence, business or vehicles needs are met safely and in a timely manor! We treat every building and automobile as if it were our very own. We listen closely to & communicate with our clients to ensure we address any and all affected areas of your property giving you the best service, quality and experience imaginable, while also giving you the cleanest, brightest & most inviting home, business or car on the block, also a cleaner & healthier environment in which you can be proud of, to ensure optimum satisfaction the TSUNAMI SOFT WASH team actively engages in annual education efforts to stay on top of the latest and sanitizing, disinfecting & cleaning techniques to provide the best customer service possible to ensure customer satisfaction! We are GLOBAL BIORISK ADVISORY COUNCIL CERTIFIED as GBAC TRAINED TECHNICIANS in response to and the remediation of, the cleaning of, the disinfection, defense, sanitation and control of SARS-Cov2/COVID 19, Rhinovirus and other Biohazards and/or Biorisk with emphasis on preventive response, infection control and contamination control measures to known or potential infectious disease outbreak situations. As a member of ISSA and certified by CMI the CLEANING MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, We have necessary skills, knowledge and information to keep our customers and our team safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic, through proper training your home and its exterior surfaces will be properly and effectively cleaned, disinfected and sanitized all while keeping a safe social distance.

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