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Our Services

We offer a full spectrum service of cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection, mitigation, remediation and more!

Carpet Cleaning - Steam Carpet Cleaning.

Sanitize & Disinfect

Utilizing near 400 degree steam & the new technology of the electrostatic sprayer. Surfaces are protected for up to 90 days. Electrostatic sprayers have 360 degrees of coverage. A uniform layer of sanitizer or disinfectant will be on surfaces and objects, even hard-to-reach areas that are generally missed with other cleanings. The electrostatic sprayer kills Coronavirus (COVID-19), flu and cold viruses, MRSA, and norovirus in under 2 minutes.

Carpet Cleaning

Proper floor and carpet care provides a more visually pleasing, longer-lasting and healthier home or workplace.  We offer several methods of cleaning services for appearance and the removal of stains, dirt and allergens. Depending on the type and condition of floor, we will either use a hot water or oscillating pad extraction technique.


Roof Wash

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning safely removes unsightly algae, mold, and lichen growth from your asphalt shingle or slate roof. It poses no risk of roof damage that can result from high pressure power washing.

It’s the only right way to clean all types of roofing materials, including Asphalt, Slate, Tile, Metal, and Wooden shingles.

The algae and mold inhibitors in our Soft Washing solution delay the reappearance of unsightly algae, mold, and lichen growth on your home’s roof. This means you will have a stain-free roof for up to four times longer than you would find with regular power washing!

And of course, “low pressure” means zero risk of shingle damage.

Commercial & Residential Cleaning

The scope of our commercial cleaning work may include all internal, general and routine cleaning.  Services may include cleaning floors, tiles, partition walls, internal walls, suspended ceilings, lighting, furniture and cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleans of sanitary conveniences and washing facilities, kitchens and dining areas, consumables and feminine hygiene facilities as well as cleaning of telephones, IT and other periodic cleaning as required.  

Our residential cleaning services consist of green cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. These techniques avoid the use of products which contain toxic chemicals, some of which emit volatile organic compounds causing respiratory, dermatological and other conditions.  For information on how we can help you make your property more beautiful, call (330) 356.1743 and set up an appointment for us to come and look at your cleaning project.


Pressure Wash & House Wash

Our low pressure house washing system will safely remove, kill & treat, Algae, Mold, Mildew, lichen, Bacteria, Fungus, Dust, Rust, Dirt, GLOEOCAPSA MAGMA and other organic to non-organic material on your home or buildings surfaces.

Vinyl and aluminum siding have always been described as maintenance free. Well, for the most part, it is. But, as time goes by, it starts to lose its shine and begins to get mold and mildew on it. If this mold and mildew isn’t removed, it will only spread over the whole house causing more mold and mildew and further tarnishing the appearance of the house.

Blasting with high pressure is a bad idea and scrubbing with a brush, well, that’s too much like work. What’s the solution to safely and effectively clean your siding?

High quality detergents are the secret!

Our process involve the low-pressure application of high quality synergistic detergents and mold inhibitors. Did I mention water softeners for a cleaner rinse of your windows? We follow this with a thorough high volume/low pressure rinse. Our High Volume-Low Pressure method is safer and more effective than other contractors that are still using high pressure to blast dirt away.

Odor Mitigation & Air Scrubbing

First, we remove or clean the source of the odor. In some cases this means removing the carpet, pad or flooring to reach the source of the odor, particularly when dealing with pet urine. Next we select the best odor removal treatment and process that will produce the best results.

Once effective option is an Ozone treatment that is used on its own or in combination with other treatments depending on the situation. Ozone removes odor by destroying the molecules, bacteria, and spores that cause unpleasant odor. Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive molecule and is very quick to chemically react with particles that it comes into contact with in the air and on surfaces.

Ozone is effective highly in these situations. As a gas, ozone chemically breaks down the odor-causing molecules wherever air flows, effectively “cleaning” the odor causing bacteria in the air, walls, ceilings, ductwork, carpet fibers, gaps between floorboards, cracks in walls, and more. Ozone is able to penetrate these areas and destroy the odors.

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